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BREXIT Legal Advice to EEA Nationals

Brexit will now happen in March 2019. Listen to Latif Solicitors’ advice on what the European Economic Area Nationals and their families should know. What is the difference between Permanent Residence and Resident Status? Are you eligible to apply for either one of them? What should you do if you are thinking of applying for Registration Certificates or Residence Cards? How long does it take for an application to be decided by the Home Office?

Recent Financial changes in Immigration Law for Spouses

Learn about recent Supreme Court decision regarding spouse earnings to complete required application that qualifies under current immigration rules. Can you provide income from 3rd party to prove your earnings? Are there any exceptions to the £18.600 minimum earnings rule? What is the best legal advice in this situation?

Liaquat Latif at with Dr Anand

In this video, Liaquat Latif talks about what is actually happening in regards to government immigration bill becoming a law in 2014. Watch the video to find out how much the right to appeal has been restricted recently and whether you should take a legal advice from a solicitor.

Liaquat Latif at with Dr Anand

In this video Liaquat explains how level of income affects residency applications in North East area of UK.

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