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BBC Northern Justice. Episode 1
Samantha, a Jamaican national faces removal from the UK. Solicitor Liaquat Latif helps with the appeal to keep Samantha in the UK with husband Chris and their 2 young children, all British nationals. To remove Samantha from the UK would be a breach of Samantha and her family’s right under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

BBC Northern Justice. Episode 8
Trent an Australian national fights to remain in the UK with his son, a British national. Solicitor Liaquat Latif appeals the decision of the Home Office not to send Trent back to Australia under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 after been refused entry into the UK.

BBC Northern Justice. Episode 9
Taxi-driver Bharwinder and his Indian wife Rajwinder are in crisis after a cancer diagnosis may put their spousal visa process in jeopardy. Immigration specialist Liaquat Latif must pull out the stops to prevent their family being torn apart. Solicitor Liaquat Latif uses his experience of navigating the financial requirement for Spouse visa extension and Rajwinder’s application is granted.

15th Anniversary Latif Solicitors Highlights
Latif Solicitors 15th Anniversary celebration at Discovery Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne. See highlights of the event.

15th Anniversary Celebration of Latif Solicitors – Sadiq Khan speech
Listen to Sadiq Khan who enjoyed celebrating 15 years of Latif Solicitors at Newcastle’s iconic Discovery Museum and speaking about the importance of access to justice and protecting our human rights.
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