Our Fees

Fixed fees cover all of the legal work required in connection with the particular application up to the point you receive a decision from the Home Office. At this point we will discuss with you any options regarding an appeal or further steps you can take, together with further costs. If we offer a fixed fee in connection with an appeal, then the fee covers all of the legal work required in connection with your appeal, including representation at the Court/Tribunal, up to the promulgation of the court or Tribunal’s judgement. At this point we will advise you as to onward appeal rights and any associated further costs.

Complex or urgent matters may attract an uplift- this will be discussed at the initial meeting. Fees will be agreed in advance of work being carried out.

Fixed Fees, we will give you an exact fixed fee after assessing your case, below is the list of band charges depending on complexity of case.

Business sponsor licences

Application for sponsor licence £1200-£1500
Attending site inspection £800
Application for certificate of sponsorship £300
Checking for entitlement to work £250

Immigration applications

Visitor application/visitor visa £850-£950
Employment application: extension of work permit £750-£950
Application for certificate of sponsorship £300-£600
Employment application: extension of stay for Ministers of religion missionaries and members of religious order £750-£950

Family applications

Spouses £750-£950
Fiancé(e)s and proposed civil partners £750-£950
Unmarried and same sex partners £750-£950
Children £750-£950
Persons exercising rights of access to a child resident in the UK £750-£950
UK ancestry £750-£950
Victims of domestic violence £750-£950
Parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives £750-£950

Points based system

Tier 1 entrepreneur and visitor £800-£1000
Tier 1 general, tier 2, tier 4, tier 5 applications £600-£900
Family member applications £600-£900

Settlement applications

All settlement applications £650-£950

UK nationality

Applications for naturalisation, registration £600-£900

EU applications

Family permit applications £600-£850
Application for registration certificate £600-£750
Residence card £600-£750

Immigration detention and bail

Application to CIO £500-£750
Application to IAC £750-£900
Attending police station £300-£500

Asylum and human rights applications (including fresh applications and applications made outside the rules)

Asylum and human rights application £700-£950
Attending home office for interview and submitting application £600-£800

Immigration appeal

Submitting notice of appeal £500
Representing at full hearing £1500-£2000
Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal £500-£750
Reconsideration hearing at upper tribunal £1250-£1750
Application to IAC for permission to appeal to the court of appeal £1200
Additional tribunal hearing £1000

Asylum and human rights appeals

Submitting notice of appeal £500
Full asylum hearing (including CMRH) £1500-£2000
Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal £500-£750
Full reconsideration hearing (upper tribunal) £1250-£1750
Application to IAC for permission to appeal to court of appeal £1200

The Basis of Our Charges and What is Included

The above fixed fee costs are calculated based upon an hourly rate of £150 per hour
Included in our fees are all of the common key stages of Immigration applications/appeals:

  • Taking initial instructions, reviewing any initial paperwork and providing you with our initial advice as to the merits of your claim and the issues involved
  • Advice regarding any supporting evidence you will need
  • Preparation of the application and completion of any associated online application forms
  • Taking or reviewing witness statements
  • Preparation of supporting legal representations
  • Considering and advising you on the response to your claim/application
  • Preparing relevant appeal papers, bundles of evidence including appropriate representations for Tribunal/Court hearings.
  • Instructing barristers where necessary for Tribunal/Court hearings.

The fees above do not include 3rd party charges, known as ‘Disbursements’. In Immigration applications/appeals, such charges can include application fees payable to the Home Office, the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge Fee, Barristers fees, Interpreter fees, Tribunal/Court Fees and fees payable to experts such as medical experts – for medical reports or DNA reports, or country expert reports. These fees vary in each case and we will provide you with quotes from the experts concerned and discuss these with you prior to incurring any costs on your behalf. We will usually take payment for such disbursements on account from you, and then pay the expert directly. Home Office fees are published on the Home Office.gov.uk website.

All costs and most disbursements are subject to VAT at 20%, however, if you are not ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK then you are not liable to pay VAT.

How Long Will Your Case Take?

Naturally, each case presents different issues and there are many factors which can affect the timescale involved in your case reaching a conclusion. We will always work towards those urgent deadlines to protect your position. We are usually unable to begin preparing an application until we have certain documents from you and so it is important that you provide us with any documents we have requested as soon as possible. Where we have the documents we require, we aim to have an application completed within 10-14 days.

The time it takes to receive a decision is usually the longest period in Immigration applications, as it is impacted by the operations of both the UK Visas & Immigration and the Visa Application Centres in each respective country which change and which are outside of our control. It is not possible for us to give you a definitive time frame in which a decision will be made, however applications made inside the UK can take up to 6 months, whereas applications made outside the UK can take up to 3months, on average.

In relation to First Tier Tribunal appeals it can take approximately 6-12 months for the hearing to take place after the submission of the appeal. Listings for Upper Tribunal hearings and Higher Court hearings vary greatly and therefore it is difficult to give a time estimate.

Payment terms and conditions

Payment by debit card, bank transfer, cash, cheque in pounds sterling (payable to Latif Solicitors).

It is our policy to ask, if possible, for full advance payment prior to commencement of any work to be undertaken.

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