Professional fees


Charges of fees and other charges will be notified and confirmed in writing.

VAT (payable according to client’s residence status in UK).


Disbursements and Home Office fees are not included in the fees.

Hourly Rate: £150.00
Letters, faxes, telephone calls and emails are charged at 1/10th the hourly rate

Complex or urgent matters may attract an uplift- this will be discussed at the initial meeting. Fees will be agreed in advance of work being carried out.

Fixed Fees, we will give you an exact fixed fee after assessing your case, below is the list of band charges depending on complexity of case.

Business sponsor licences

Application for sponsor licence £1200
Attending site inspection £800
Application for certificate of sponsorship £300
Checking for entitlement to work £250

Immigration applications

Visitor application/visitor visa £600-£800
Employment application: extension of work permit £750-£950
Application for certificate of sponsorship £300
Employment application: extension of stay for Ministers of religion missionaries and members of religious order £750-£950

Family applications

Spouses £750-£950
Fiancé(e)s and proposed civil partners £750-£950
Unmarried and same sex partners £750-£950
Children £750-£950
Persons exercising rights of access to a child resident in the UK £750-£950
UK ancestry £750-£950
Victims of domestic violence £750-£950
Parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives £750-£950

Points based system

Tier 1 entrepreneur and visitor £800-£1000
Tier 1 general, tier 2, tier 4, tier 5 applications £600-£800
Family member applications £600-£800

Settlement applications

All settlement applications £650-£950

UK nationality

Applications for naturalisation, registration £600

EU applications

Family permit applications £600-£850
Application for registration certificate £600-£750
Residence card £600-£750

Immigration detention and bail

Application to CIO £500-£750
Application to IAC £900
Attending police station £300

Asylum and human rights applications (including fresh applications and applications made outside the rules)

Asylum and human rights application £700-£950
Attending home office for interview and submitting application £600-£800

Immigration appeal

Submitting notice of appeal £500
Representing at full hearing £1500
Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal £500
Reconsideration hearing at upper tribunal £1500
Application to IAC for permission to appeal to the court of appeal £1200
Additional tribunal hearing £1000

Asylum and human rights appeals

Submitting notice of appeal £500
Full asylum hearing (including CMRH) £2100
Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal £500
Full reconsideration hearing (upper tribunal) £1500
Application to IAC for permission to appeal to court of appeal £1200

Payment terms and conditions

Payment by debit card, bank transfer, cash, cheque in pounds sterling (payable to Latif Solicitors).

It is our policy to ask, if possible, for full advance payment prior to commencement of any work to be undertaken.

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