Newcastle Brexit


How does the “Newcastle Brexit”
affect you and your family

Advice from an Immigration Lawyer in Newcastle Upon Tyne

EEA Nationals and Family Members


Brexit has produced a significant amount of doubt for European nationals living in the United Kingdom. Research shows that most European citizens and their relatives are looking to secure their residence status in the United Kingdom. We advise that the best strategy for EEA nationals would be to obtain permanent residence or if they do not qualify for permanent residence status then obtain residence status.


Latif Solicitors can help you successfully process your application for Permanent Residence if you qualify. To successfully process the application the EEA National must show that they have completed a five year continuous period which can be made up from the following categories:

  • Full-time or part-time employee.
  • A Self-employed Individual.
  • An active job seeker.
  • Students with comprehensive live insurance.
  • Financial self-sufficient Individuals with comprehensive sickness insurance

Latif Solicitors of Newcastle Upon Tyne can also provide advice you though many of the immigration law related issues:

  • EEA nationals in Britain – Registration Certificates.
  • Obtaining Permanent Residence Cards for all European Union citizens and their Families.
  • Legal Counsel on Immigration Law – Family Migration, Connecting with Your. Spouse/Children/Family in Great Britain.
  • Getting Entrance into the United Kingdom – processing Family Permits.
  • All non-EEA nationals who Have the right to Stay in the United Kingdom by a relationship to an EEA national.
  • And many other kinds of Permits and Applications.
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