Jul 8, 2016 | Newcastle Brexit


We were extremely disappointed with the recent EU Referendum vote. Our firm were strong supporters of the Remain campaign. We have received a large number enquires regarding the current situation from new and existing clients. We have advised  clients that the current position regarding the EU rights of free movement is unaffected. We are advising clients if they have completed their relevant 5 year period to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain as soon as possible. We also advise the EU clients and their family members under the current rules to apply for 5 year Residence Permits. We believe it could take some time for the UK to hand its relevant notice under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and thereby triggering the 2 year period for the UK to leave the EU. Many experts have estimated that the notice will not be handed in for some time. There is also a possibility of legal challenge under Constitutional law regarding the position of the UK leaving the EU.  We have already advised a large number of clients in relation to this matter and are happy to advise by email or telephone or by appointment  in relation to these issues.

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